Nothing says shabbat shalom like an extra large challah that’s sure to have leftovers. I’ve been getting really into having shabbat dinners, and my friends are digging it. Remember how I talked about Sandra and the landscaper guy she visited? Well, he came with her to shabbat dinner on friday. It was super special. I […]

Drrty Rice

My neighbor Sandra with hook ups for beauty, food, and stellar lawn care came by over the holidays with a huge ¬†pyrex full of the most delicious rice. It was so simple, but I had to restrain myself from immediately replacing my second helping with a heaping third. Like, physically. I made the crew of […]

The CSA Box

I just got my CSA box in the mail! Join me as I pour a glass of reisling and peruse. I see beets. (drumroll) Red. (symbol) Sweet. (Beat) Beet. -An Original Rachel Golem Poem Beets are a win. I have loved beets with a passion for years, thanks to Tom Robbins. In Jitterbug Perfume, there […]

The Real Things

Hi, guys. Rachel here. I’m sorry for taking so long to post, but I have been very busy eating my weight in Chanukah gelt. It’s been a busy week! I went to visit my friend Carol from college. Carol is a very interesting woman. She converted to Judaism for her girlfriend while we were still […]

In Food, I Trust. And God.

Not necessarily in that order. Hello. I am Rachel Golem, and I care about food. The only thing I care more about than food is spirituality. I was raised in one religion- Please don’t pretend you need to ask which one- and have explored others. I find in my spiritual studies that sometimes I get […]